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Batya creates a personalized ketubah for each of her clients, incorporating every couple’s unique personalities, relationship, and interests into her design. She ensures that the bride and groom feel their ketubah accurately and beautifully depicts their love, passions, and dreams.

The ketubot’s found in the Portfolio menu can serve as inspiration for the clients, or simply as an example of the range of possibilities.

About The Process:

  1. After interviews and discussions with her clients, Batya produces numerous sketches of possible designs until the couple is 100% satisfied with the design of their ketubah.
  2. Batya writes each ketubah by hand. She supplies various texts to show couples–from the most traditional to the very modern. She can create ketubot with just Aramaic, or with Aramaic and English.
  3. A 50% deposit is sent to the artist as she begins to create the ketubah. Upon completion and pick-up of the ketubah, the other 50% is paid. Batya is located in New York City but creates ketubot for couples all around the world. Prices for custom ketubahs vary depending on style and design.

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